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What We Learned In Week 3 In The NFL

September 28, 2009

With teams keying in on the New Orleans Saints passing game, it really opens up their running game.

The Houston Texans still have a pretty mediocre defense.

With Detroit Lions finally winning (Congrats!) the Browns take firm control of worst team in the NFL.

Browns coach Eric Mangini may not last the season, it looks like the Browns players turned on him in Week 1 after the 1st half against the Vikes.

As already noted on here, Browns QB Brady Quinn continues to look like the bad choice at QB for Cleveland. The Browns are looking like a bad choice for an NFL team.

The 2009 Baltimore Ravens offense is the best ever assembled in Baltimore.

Redskins coach Jim Zorn will probably be on the coaching hotseat soon.

Don’t ever think the Pats are done as a team with Bill Belichick still as head coach and Tom Brady at quarterback.

The Buccaneers still have a bad team, bad defense, bad offense, it’s bad. It might come down to this team and the Browns for worst team in the NFL this year.

Denver Broncos might be one of the least unimpressive 3-0 teams ever.

JaMarcus Russell is indeed a bust at QB and that probably won’t ever change.

Rex Ryan will probably get Coach of the Year.

Brett Favre can actually throw it more than 10 yards. Vikings are pretty fortunate to be 3-0, but that’s the NFL for you, there is some luck involved.

49ers are the new favorite to win the Stinker Division…Again, that could always change next week. They should be 3-0, though, which is mighty impressive. They look like the most complete team in the NFC West.

Chicago Bears are 2-1 but probably won’t make the playoffs.

There is no difference between QB Matt Hasselback or QB Seneca Wallace starting for the Seahawks, they’re both equally unimpressive and both put up the same numbers whenever either one starts.

The Miami Dolphins went down fighting with a valiant effort against San Diego. With the way the Jets and Pats are playing right now, Miami is virtually out of the playoffs with an 0-3 record.

With Chad Pennington out with an injury, the Chargers still had to win a close one at home against the Dolphins. Such is the way with Norv Turner as head coach.

Games in Depth

Tennessee 17 vs. New York Jets 24
Kerry Collins when given time to throw in this game was deadly accurate and it’s a good thing since his receivers were never open at all throughout this game. The NY Jets defense plays aggressive and the Titans offense really struggled at times because of it. The Titans made way too many mistakes in this game to win it, which didn’t happen a lot last year. Mark Sanchez got off to a great start but the Titans defense started to put the clamps down on him later in the game. The Jets are looking great right now, but I can see Sanchez start to struggle as more teams get film on him and opposing defenses start to gel. Don’t be surprised if the Jets struggle later in the season a little. I’m not ready to write off the Titans but they’re clearly looking at a Wildcard spot at best right now.

Pittsburgh 20 vs. Cincinnati 23
The Steelers give another game away by not putting the Bengals away early in this one. Offensive miscues and questionable coaching decisions have cost the Steelers in the last two games. The Steelers defense is struggling to get pressure on opposing QB’s which didn’t happen last year, giving up 20 points in the 2nd half is a big concern to Steeler fans everywhere. Cincy’s improved defense didn’t look so improved in this game with the Steelers tearing up their D for over 200 yards of offense in the 1st half alone. The Bengals play a more ball-control offense now, Carson Palmer looked uncomfortable early but played well in the 2nd half without the Steelers getting any pressure on him. The Bengals offensive line looked great as did the Steelers O-line.

Indianapolis 31 vs. Arizona 10
Turnovers kill you and they sure killed the Cardinals in this game. The Cards offense was able to move the ball only to give the ball away at the most inopportune times. The Cards probably abandoned the run too early in this one. Last week the Dolphins ran all over the Colts but the Cardinals only attempted 12 runs the whole game. Meanwhile Warner had to throw it 52 times for only 332 yards, 1 TD and 2 INT’s. The Colts on offense stayed aggressive throughout the game never letting up, something the Steelers could learn from. The Colts defense looks pretty good but needs to improve if the Colts want to be legit Super Bowl contenders.

Observations From the Pregame Shows, Week 3

September 27, 2009

ESPN – NFL Sunday Countdown
Every time I turn on ESPN it seems like there’s Trent “f’ing” Dilfer staring back at me. It’s enough to make me never want to turn that channel on again.

ESPN is doing a piece on Rex Ryan son of legendary defensive coach Buddy Ryan. They’re showing that Oilers-KC playoff game where Buddy Ryan, then DC for the Oilers, tries to hit Kevin Gilbride, the Oilers OC, hilarious.

As I predicted earlier week, the media is talking a lot about Micheal Vick, unbelievable. ESPN’s Sal Palantonio who seems to exclusively cover the Eagles interviews Vick this week. Who cares?? What is there to talk about it at this point? All this attention for a guy who committed some horrible crimes, was about to be pushed out of Atlanta because he wasn’t progressing as a QB and who probably won’t have much, if any, impact this year for the Eagles. Good job, ESPN!

Dilfer does an unbelievably stupid piece on Tom Brady, stating the problem with that offense isn’t Tom Brady, it’s the Pats, but offers no reason why that is. Dilfer sure does love Brady. Keyshawn Johnson states the obvious, the type of injury Brady suffered is still affecting him, both mentally and physically. The problem with the Pats offense is obviously a combination of Brady’s injury, O-line, etc.

Alf is saying the Pats don’t have weapons. WHAT?

Cris Carter says that the most clutch QB he’s ever seen was Joe Montana and last week what he saw out of Brady was a QB that didn’t want to get hit. Interesting.

49ers are getting a little love from ESPN because they’re 2-0. Last year it was like the team didn’t even exist in terms of media coverage.
Mike “Alf” Ditka is a master of the cliches. I’m beginning to see why he didn’t do much as a head coach after the Bears won the Super Bowl in ’85.

Kenny Mayne does an awesome piece on “The Catch” the famous play that ushered in the 49ers dynasty where Joe Montana threw the game-winning pass to Dwight Clark against the Cowboys in the playoffs. Mayne mentions what I’ve known for some time, Joe Montana, the greatest QB to play the game, looks a hell of lot like Barry Manilow. Mayne must have a lot of pull as a reporter now because he gets Clark, Montana and Jerry Rice to talk about the play in a humorous way. Best 5 minutes of any of the pregame shows so far this year.
ESPN’s only decent regular segment is Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen together going through various topics. I don’t always agree with them but at least it’s interesting.

ESPN needs to get rid of that stupid EA Sports view thing. Tom Jackson does a useless segment on the Steelers new offense using the EA Sports thing and how in the shotgun they run the ball. I don’t think the Steelers have run that play all year. Not informative of all.

CBS The NFL Today

Uh oh, Shannon Sharpe is back on the CBS set. I was hoping he’d forget how to get to the set after not being there last week.

According to everyone on the set, the Raiders are winning games in spite of Jamarcus Russell, no shit!

Boomer Esiason is taking the 49ers over the Vikings because of the defense taking on the identity of their head coach, Mike Singletary, and because of  Favre will throw a couple picks. Good call.

CBS does an online/text poll of whether Tony Romo will ever win a SB in Dallas, not surprisingly 91% of the voters say no. The stupid thing is if the Cowboys had beaten the Giants last week the poll would be probably a lot different.

CBS then does a stupid poll of who “the best player in the NFL” is. How can you quantify that? They limit it to just 3 players.

CBS then advertises a Michael Vick interview on their show. I turn the channel.

Howie Long is looking at Terry Bradshaw like he might want to kiss him. Bradshaw returns the look.

Jay Glazer‘s head looks like a big piece of bread with little eyes and mustache.

Bradshaw is talking about body slamming Michael Strahan. Jimmy Johnson is the only consistently decent guy on this set.

Long brings up an interesting point about the Pats and how they only have a handful of players left over from their last SB win. Lots of coaches and players have left the team since then, but Johnson counters that by stating the most important components are still there with Belichick and Brady.

I kind of want to punch that Frank Caliendo in the face. Every time I see him it’s an automatic change of the channel.

The Fox show might not be the worst, but they definitely act the dumbest for the lowest common denominator.

Matchups To Watch In Week 3

September 26, 2009

Tennessee Titans (0-2) vs. New York Jets (2-0)– Last season the Jets went into Tennessee and gave the Titans a good ol’ fashion whooping and their first loss of the year. Titans could easily be 2-0 instead of 0-2 this season, but the bottomline is they will be in serious trouble if they lose on Sunday against the Jets, they simply need a win in the biggest way. Watch the hype start to rise on Mark Sanchez and the Jets if they pull out a win. Sanchez could have his biggest game as a rookie against a shaky Titans secondary. Titans QB Kerry Collins will have to get rid of the ball quickly against an aggressive Jets defense that hasn’t allowed a TD so far this season. A big play downfield may be there if the Titans look for it. This will be a very tough game for the Titans to win with the way the Jets are playing right now. The Titans could benefit from a Jets letdown after the emotional win against divisional rival Pats, plus Sanchez is still a rookie QB.

San Francisco 49ers (2-0) vs. Minnesota Vikings (2-0) – This might end up being one of the boringest games on Sunday but both teams are 2-0, so it’s worth pointing out this matchup. One of the favorites in the NFC, the Vikings have been fairly unimpressive outside of Adrian Peterson so far. The 49ers are a surprise team so far and have looked pretty good beating the two NFC West favorites, the Seahawks and Cardinals. Something has to give. If I were playing the Vikings I’d just put 9 guys up in the box to stop Peterson, I don’t think Favre has thrown a pass longer than 10 yards this season and the Vikes WR’s shouldn’t scare anyone. San Fran RB Frank Gore is one of the most underrated running backs in the league, partially due to the fact that he plays for the 49ers, but he had a huge game last week against the Seahawks. If he’s productive against the Vikes stout D-line, the 49ers could pull off the upset.

New Orleans Saints (2-0) vs. Buffalo Bills (1-1) – If only this game was played two months from now instead of this Sunday, the Bills might actually have a shot to slow down the Saints offense. The Bills best defense in this game will be their offense, if they can chew up the clock on long drives to keep the ball away from the Saints offense, they have a shot in this one. Here’s the big problem with that – the Bills run a primarily No-Huddle offense now, so that might be hard to do. I’d test that questionable Saints secondary a lot with deep balls to TO and Lee Evans. For the Saints, just keep scoring in the 40’s and odds are you’ll win. It’ll be interesting to see how long that holds up. It probably won’t stop this weekend, though. The Bills have to hope for some turnovers.

Carolina Panthers (0-2) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – It’s almost panic time in Carolina if the Panthers  lose this one. The Panthers might have a hard time moving the ball against the Cowboys tough defense, especially if Delhomme struggles again. If I were Tony Romo I’d just throw the ball to Jason Whitten every down. You can’t lose, unless you thrown an interception, which is always a possibly with Tony Romo. If the Panthers mix it up nicely on offense and Delhomme has a good game AND Romo gives some balls away, the Panthers can win this. Also, Wade Phillips is the Cowboys head coach, so you got that going for you, Panthers fans.

Miami Dolphins (0-2) vs. San Diego Chargers (1-1) – While the heavily-favored-to-win-the-AFC-West-Divison Chargers could easily be 2-0 right now, they could just as easily be 0-2, such is the way when your team has Norv Turner as head coach. It’s still early, but if the Dolphins lose this game there’s a very, very good chance they don’t make the playoffs this year, especially considering the Jets, Bills and Pats are in their division. LB’s Joey Porter and Jason Taylor need to keep the pressure on Philip Rivers as much as possible, the Dolphins offense needs to slow down the game. I wonder if Philip Rivers realizes that his chances of making the Super Bowl with Norv Turner as his coach is about .01%?

Denver Broncos (2-0) vs. Oakland Raiders (1-1) – The scariest thing about this game is both teams potentially could have winning records going into Week 4. At the very least the Broncos will have a winning record regardless going into Week 4 and that’s enough for one to stop and ponder things a while. Tom Cable is doing a good job so far as head coach in a tough place.

Indianapolis Colts (2-0) vs. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) – This could be a fun one. The Cardinals don’t want to lose another home game after the opening weekend loss to the 49ers, the Colts meanwhile want to keep getting as many early wins as possible to try to pull away from what could end up being a tough division down the stretch. A Cards defense that is still growing will face their toughest test of the year. The Colts defense had a very hard time stopping the Dolphins run game last week. It should be interesting to see how much the Cards try to run it.

Bad Officiating Watch, Week 2

September 25, 2009

officials.signalsCincinnati vs. Green Bay – In the first half of the game, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers scrambles out of the pocket towards the right sideline looking for a receiver downfield, Cincy’s  OLB,  Brandon Johnson closes in and ends up hitting Rodgers less than a split second after Rodgers gets rid of the ball. Roughing the passer. Un-frickin-believable. What does the NFL want Johnson to do in that situation? Simply let Rodgers throw the ball without being hurried? I honestly think that’s what they want, to open up offenses even more and make opposing defenses as soft as butter.

New York Giants vs. Dallas – On the Giants eventual game-winning drive late in the 4th quarter, the refs and NFL try their hardest to give the Cowboys a win in their first game ever in Cowboys Stadium. On the first play of the drive from their own 25, the Giants complete a 17 yard completion, BUT the refs call a holding call on Guard Rich Seubert, even though no holding took place, they also call tripping on WR Derek Hagan on the SAME PLAY. Replays showed that too was indeed a bogus call. I guess after that the refs said “Cowboys, it’s up to you now, we’ve done all we can to help you get an opening game win in your new stadium”. Final score Giants 33, Cowboys 31.

Pittsburgh vs. Chicago – I really wish there was a way fans could contact the NFL front office because this is getting out of control. Here we have some video of SS Tyrone Carter of the Steelers putting a vicious hit (which I guess isn’t allowed anymore in the NFL) on TE Greg Olsen of the Bears and dislodging the ball for an incomplete pass. Carter appears to lean with his helmet, BUT clearly hits with his shoulder and arms as the replays show. Still, I was shocked there was no penalty on the play, GOOD JOB, refs! However, Carter was fined $5,000 for the hit this week, EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO PENALTY ON THE PLAY. Fans everywhere this kind of ridiculousness is going to ruin the NFL, it’s already starting to.

Tony Dorsett Calls Out Tony Romo

September 24, 2009


After Tony Romo‘s debacle against the Giants last Sunday night, Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett has called out Romo stating on Fox Radio “Well, for one thing, I don’t know why on God’s earth Tony Romo has been anointed a superstar in the National Football League.  Tony is very young in his career.  Not to say you can’t be young in your career and be a superstar because you’ve got one up there in Minnesota in Adrian Peterson. But the thing is this: you have a guy who hasn’t done much and quarterbacks in the National Football League, most of them go through this growing curve.  He hasn’t gone through that growing curve, but he was anointed this great player all of a sudden.  Now he’s having to live up to that. And obviously Tony has some deficiencies.”

Comment: He’s absolutely correct, except for the part about Romo being young, he’s 29, which isn’t exactly young in the NFL. But to be fair, this is only his fourth season as a starter so maybe that’s what Dorsett means? In any case, today’s sports media is by and large big on hype, short on substance. Tony Romo is a product of this kind of sports journalism, being praised and hyped countless times by the media but has little in the way of actual accomplishments to show for it apart from a great 2007 season and stats that fantasy football nerds everywhere probably love (although definitely not from the Giants game!).

To be considered a superstar QB, or even a great NFL QB you need to show up big in the big games, which Romo has consistently NOT done as a QB. Let’s take a look at some of his biggest games that he failed to deliver in.

In the 2006 Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Cowboys trail the Seattle Seahawks, 21-20 with 1:19 left in the game. The Cowboys have a chance to potentially win the game on a chip shot FG from the 1 yard line but Romo bobbles the hold and the FG is never attempted. After the game Romo commented, “I take responsibility for messing up at the end there. That’s my fault. I cost the Dallas Cowboys a playoff win, and it’s going to sit with me a long time. I don’t know if I have ever felt this low.” Little did Cowboys fans know that this would only be the beginning in a long line of Romo choke jobs in big games.

In the 2007 season the Cowboys rip through the regular season and secure the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs…Only to lose to the New York Giants in Dallas and become the first #1 NFC seed to lose in the dvisional round of the NFL playoffs since 1990, when the NFL expanded to 12 playoff teams. How did it happen? Well you can’t blame the Cowboys running game, which totaled over 150 yards of rushing, Marion Barber had 129 yards and almost a 5 yard average. Romo, on the other hand, completed just 50% of his passes and ended the game with a 64 QB rating. Trailing 21-17 and needing a TD in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys get the ball in great field position at the Giants 48 yard line after a punt with 1:50 left in the game. The Cowboys can then only drive 30 yards before Romo throws a game-ending INT. The loss cannot be totally blamed on Romo, obviously, but when the game was on the line Romo couldn’t deliver the goods.

In the 2008 season the Cowboys enter Pittsburgh with an 8-4 record and look poised to make a strong push late in the season and into the playoffs. The Steelers are feeling the same way about their team entering the game, it’s a BIG game. Late in the 4th quarter the Steelers tie up the game 13-13. The Cowboys get the ball back with 2 minutes left and a chance to drive down the field and kick a potential game-winning FG. What happens? Tony Romo, big game, big situation in the game, Uh Oh. On 2nd and 8, Romo attempts a pass to Jason Whitten that is intercepted by CB Deshea Townsend and returned for a TD. Final score 20-13 Steelers. You could definitely argue that this was a huge turning point in the Cowboys season as they went on to lose 2 of their last 3 before missing the playoffs this year. Romo’s number from this game – 19/36 210 yards, 1 TD 3 Int  44.9 QB rating. In the last two games the Cowboys lost – against the Ravens in Dallas – 24/45 252 yards, 2 TD/2 Int 66 QB rating. Against the Eagles – 21/39 183 yards 1 TD 3 Int 55.8 QB rating.

And here we are in the 2009 season and in a fairly important early divisional matchup against the Giants in Week 2, Tony Romo almost single-handedly loses a game in which the Cowboys had no business losing. Since the 2007 regular season ended, it’s almost like Tony Romo has progressively become a worse NFL QB.

My biggest criticism of Tony Romo is he doesn’t seem to have the heart or dogged determination that you need out of your QB if you’re going to win the big games. He hasn’t proven to be clutch in the big ones, quite the opposite actually, which is something you either have or don’t. It’s not something that can be taught, which might be the biggest concern for Cowboys fans. It’s not like he doesn’t have talent, but that’s only part of the equation.

What We Learned From Week 2 In The NFL

September 22, 2009

The Denver Broncos might be one of the worst 2-0 teams in recent memory.

The Tennessee Titans might be one of the best 0-2 teams in recent memory (although that defense ain’t looking so good right now, that secondary is overrated without Albert Haynesworth applying pressure on the opposing QB).

The Browns might have edged out the Rams and Lions for worst team in the NFL right now.

The Ravens look like the most complete team in the NFL RIGHT NOW (that could change in a few weeks), from offense to defense to coaching. John Harbaugh is already a great head coach as far as I’m concerned. The Ravens defense is still really good, the scary thing is they have an offense now, which never happened up under former head coach Brian Billick.

The Seahawks are once again, paper champs, always have been probably always will be.

The Cards suddenly seem like favorites once again to win this Stinker Division, BUT…

The 49ers might be one this year’s surprise teams, they are so far.

Mark Sanchez looks like this year’s Matt Ryan and the Jets defense is looking like the real deal, but it’s been only 2 games.

Matt Ryan keeps playing beyond his years.

The Saints will score more points than any other team this year and probably won’t be close, but can they out run their own defense? That’s the real issue with this team. So far they’ve played a team with a rookie QB and a team with a back up QB and in both games have given up over 20 points.

The Patriots, like I thought, have some real issues. Their defense looks average and only scoring 9 points in ANY game could be a real cause for concern. Tom Brady doesn’t look too good behind a shaky O-line. Don’t know how Belichick is going to solve the problems on this team this year, but if he does it’ll further solidify his legacy.

The media won’t be hyping up the Eagles this week, but will talk ad nauseum about Mcnabb and Vick.

Games in Depth
Cincinnati, 31 vs. Green Bay, 24Aaron Rodgers has to be the most frustrated QB in the league right now, he’s looked great so far this season, like last, but his WR’s keep dropping pass after pass and his O-line hasn’t protected him. Cincy’s Antwan Odom snagging 5 sacks says it all. Overall, Cincy’s defense was tough against the run but Rodgers would’ve had over 300 yards if his WR’s caught the passes they should have. Green Bay’s defense took a step backward from last week against Chicago, they had serious problems stopping RB Cedric Benson. Carson Palmer was solid but kept Green Bay in the game with 2 very costly INT’s, one returned for an INT and another that set them up for a TD deep in Cincy territory. Both these teams could be dangerous against as the season progresses and these teams start to gel. Yes, I just said the Cincinnati Bengals could be a dangerous team this year, they should be 2-0 right now.
Pittsburgh, 14 vs. Chicago, 17Jay Cutler looked decent doing a lot of dump offs and going after SS Tyrone Carter, who was replacing Troy Polamalu and it paid off for 2 TD passes. The Steelers offense looked great on the first drive of the game and then promptly disappeared until the 2nd half. The Steelers seem to rely on their defense just a little too much and it hurt them in this game when the Bears drove down in the last 3 minutes to kick the game-winning FG. The Steelers playing style seems to keep any team in the game, regardless of who it is. The Bears defense, outside of the D-line, looked very average. That secondary needs work. The Steelers need Troy Polamalu back ASAP, Carter just isn’t a starting SS.
NY Giants 33 vs. Dallas 31 – Anyone see Tony Romo‘s numbers in this game? 13/29 127 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT’s. Wow, I smell Pro Bowl! What makes it all the worse is the fact that the Cowboys compiled over 200 yards of rushing. Giants had no business winning this game, and their defense looked alarmingly bad outside of nabbing 3 INT’s. Eli Manning played a solid game but far from spectacular outside of a couple drives. Both these teams need A LOT of work as this season progresses.

Observations on the Pregame Shows Week 2

September 20, 2009

ESPN – Sunday NFL Countdown

What’s the deal with on field reporter Sal Paolantonio? He only reports on the Eagles, that’s ridiculous!

For some reason Tom Jackson is yelling about if the Eagles  can win in the long-term without McNabb, he doesn’t think so. Alf pretty much agrees. Someone says if they get 4 or 5 turnovers against the Saints they’ll win, isn’t that true of any NFL team? Wow, that’s some insight.

ESPN is doing some video music montage about Matt Sanchez. They should be embarrassed.

ESPN now has an “injury analyst”. Quit wasting my time ESPN!

They debate who will be missed more, Polamalu or Urlacher – Cris Carter says Troy is a “football player” and is “special”. Thanks for the info, Carter. Mike Ditka says it’s Urlacher and mumbles something about players “stepping up”. Insight doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

ESPN is reporting on Ochostinko’s twitter blog and how gay it is.

Keyshawn Johnson says Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton are chasing that 5,000 yards and Marino’s record. What the hell is this guy talking about?? I think the Saints are trying to win games, I seriously doubt Payton is sitting around thinking of ways to get Brees the passing yard record. At least I’d hope so for the sake of Saint’s fans. Maybe he thinks the NFL has been replaced by Fantasy Football.

Everyone on ESPN is taking the Jets to beat the Pats, outside of Boomer. Jackson says with Jared Mayo being out for the Pats, the Jets will run the ball with success, could be a good point.

CBS – The NFL Today

Shannon “Marble-Mouth” Sharpe is getting inducted into Denver’s Ring of Honor. Congrats, Sharpe! He was a great one. The good news is he won’t be on the set today.

Looks like CBS is still trying to stir up some Terrell Owens (non)news from last week about TO’s comment on QB Trent Edwards.

Esiason brings up a good point about injuries in the NFL and how it’d be ludicrous to extend the season by 2 more games, which Roger Turdell wants to do. It’d also ruin season stats from previous years. Think about the stats!

The set seems a lot less cluttered and better without Sharper on there.

The show tries to go to announcer Dan Dierdorf for some info on the Pats/Jets game but it looked like Dierdorf was choking on a chili hotdog and they had to cut away….alright now they’re back, Dierdorf is OK, Thank God.

I’ve just noticed that Phil Simms kinda looks like Boomer Esiason, neither has a chin and their respected heads both look like pillows.

Bill Cowher brings up a good point about the Steelers-Bears game and how with Troy Polamalu being out, SS Tryone Carter will have a hard time covering Bears TE Greg Olsen.

Esiason thinks the Eagles defense will create a bunch of TO’s against Brees and the Saints offense and win the game. Don’t know about that. Esiason uses Delhomme as an example, which doesn’t really make much sense given the fact that Delhomme threw up 4 or 5 INT’s in his previous game against a worse defense in the Cardinals. Marino and Cowher wonder how the Eagles will score enough points. I wonder if Dierdorf is really OK or not.

Marino breaks down some game film on Jay Cutler‘s INT’s. Good job, Marino, fairly insightful. Not all the INT’s were soley on Cutler, but 3 were, which can’t make.

CBS does a segment on who is the best comeback QB in the NFL. America shows how dumb they are on the online/text message poll by putting Big Ben third by a wide margin behind Manning and Brady. The question wasn’t who the best overall QB, but best comeback QB. Ben has the most comeback wins in the 4th quarter and OT since coming into the league. Marino picks Brady, Cowher, perhaps showing bias, takes Big Ben but brings up how he did it on the biggest stage in the SB. Picking Brady ahead of Ben, OK, Brady is clutch. Manning? That’s not his strength.

FOX – NFL on Fox

Jimmy Johnson says the pressure on the Cowboys is on Wade Phillips and that run defense. Good point. You gotta think Phillips is sort of on a hot seat this year, but who the hell knows with Jerry Jones at owner. This is the guy that forced out Jimmy Johnson and hired Barry Switzer to replace him. Johnson definitely speaks from experience.

Strahan forgets his notes and stumbles on the Cowboys/Giants, everyone laughs. I still don’t know what Strahan is doing on this show.

Jay Glazer reports on McNabb’s injury, it’s not looking good, Eagles fans. Apparently Glazer has his own show, yikes.

This NFL on Fox show is a real snooze-fest.

Jimmy says the Eagles will give up yards to the Saints between the 20’s but the key is to holdin them to FG’s and not TD’s. Interesting.

Howie Long says that Adrian Peterson is “Bo Jackson“. Big words, but Howie would know since he played with Jackson on the Raiders.

Johnson insinuates the LT might be faking his injury a little. The set goes crazy. He might be right, it’s a long season and LT has to save himself the rest of the season. He’s pretty old for a RB right now in his career.

Glazer reports that Panthers head coach John Fox has said that Jake Delhomme is “his guy”. Wes Welker is apparently out for the Pats, that could be huge, surprised no one is making a big deal out of that. The guy leads the NFL in receptions the last two years.

Now Fox is doing a segment with that lame comedian that started out doing John Madden impersonations. He’s now doing Jay Leno, it’s actually a pretty accurate impersonation. Still don’t know what the hell this is doing on an NFL pregame show.

Johnson says the Seahawks are the best team in their division. That’s like saying powdered sugar on a turd would taste better than just a regular turd.

Bradshaw then says he does the most preparation of anyone on the show, that’s probably the scariest thing I’ve heard all day.

Terrell Owens News – Must Be A Slow Week

September 18, 2009

APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football

If you’ve been watching NFL Live,  reading, or even Yahoo Sports and you’re a football fan then you’ve been subjected to more Terrell Owens drama. Here’s the quote, which is from Wednesday that has the sports journalists in a frenzy “Trent [Edwards] has to better assess what he’s seeing out there and take some shots down the field.” Honestly, why does anyone care what this over the hill, crazy drama queen has to say at this point? If anyone should be calling out anyone on that team, it should be Trent Edwards, the Bills QB, calling out Owens for at least 1 drop in the opening game against the Patriots. Edwards actually had a good game, Owens did not.

What We Learned From Week 1

September 15, 2009

There’s was a lot of sloppy play as teams shook off the rust during opening week of NFL football. Let’s get down to business.

Tennessee 10, Pittsburgh 13 – The Titans offense needs to find a way to score more points, plain and simple, it could be their achilles heel all year. Kerry Collins looks solid at QB, just like last year. Big Ben continues to show he is one of the most clutch QB’s in recent memory. The Steelers defense needs Troy Polamalu back as soon as possible, just not the same defense without him, especially in the secondary. Santonio Holmes picked up right where he left off last year, he could have his best year of his career. The Titans secondary had 2 Pro Bowlers last year? Could’ve fooled me. Steelers pass protection looks improved from last year (so far). Titans will be very hard to run against (shocker!). Don’t be surprised to see these two teams meet each other again this season.

Miami 7, Atlanta 19 – It seems like it takes a Goddamn Christmas Miracle for the Dolphins to move the ball on offense. 2, 3 yard run here and there and a bunch of 5 yard outs to WR’s that aren’t even open. It’s almost a thing a beauty, almost. It’s obvious the Wildcat was born out of necessity. Matt Ryan should have an even better year this season than last.

Minnesota 34,  Cleveland 20 – Brady Quinn might not be the answer at QB, it’s still early but he had more than his share of blunders and he seems to lack much heart to be honest. The Browns seem to lack mental toughness, they gradually gave up as this game went on (they were leading at halftime). Favre may have a good season if he continues to simply dump the ball off at 5 yards at a time. The Vikings defense might be a little overrated.

Denver 12, Cincinnati 7 – Unless you’re a fan of one of these teams, it’s probably a good idea to avoid watching them play if possible. Like I thought, Cincy’s defense looks tough (outside the last TD), the irony is their offense doesn’t look so good. Kyle Orten looks to be a good fit in Denver’s new offense. Chad Ochinstinko is overrated and a wimp. So is Carson Palmer. Denver’s defense is mediocre and has to rely on the other team to make mistakes, like botched snaps on FG’s.

Dallas 34, Tampa Bay 21 – Dallas’ defense has a lot of work to do if the Cowboys are going to be a real contender this year, giving up 8 yards a run to twice-injured Cadillac Williams has to worry Cowboys fans. Tony Romo puts up good numbers against mediocre competition. Tampa Bay might win some games this year that they shouldn’t.

Philadelphia 38, Carolina 10 – This might be John Fox’s last year as head coach of the Panthers. Jake Delhomme now has like 20 INT’s in his last 2 games. Is Philly that good or would any team beat the Panthers with the way they played in this game? Time will tell.

Detroit 27, New Orleans 45 – Drew Brees is a TD machine, Fantasy Football nerds probably want to go out on a date with him. Saints D seems to be marginally improved, probably too early to tell, though. The team did give up 27 at home against the Detroit Lions. Matthew Stafford might have some real growing pains this year as a rookie QB, he had a decent first start all thing considered.

St. Louis 0, Seattle 28 – The NFC West might be even worse than previously thought and the Rams might be the worst team in the NFL. QB Marc Bulger might have a rough year, he looked very frustrated against the Seahawks. Matt Hasselback threw for 280 yards and 3 TD’s. Ouch, Rams fans. With the Cards losing at home, the Seahawks suddenly seem like heavy favorites to win the division but the season has just started.

Chicago 15, Green Bay 21 – Aaron Rodgers will make the Pro Bowl if his WR’s learn to catch the ball and his O-line learns to block. The RT for the Packers was owned all night. The Packers defense looks a lot better and more aggressive under new defensive coordinator, Dom Capers. Jay Cutler may have a rough season if he keeps throwing 20 risky passes up for grabs per game. That was his problem in Denver as well. He’s like the heir apparent to Brett Favre, talented, rocket for an arm, but questionable decision-making. Ironic that he plays for Chicago and not Green Bay. Jay Cutler doesn’t like to get hit. Chicago’s D looks the same as last year, great against the run, not so good against the pass.

Buffalo 24, New England 25 – I guess no lead is safe from the Pats. The Pats may struggle to run the ball this year. The Pats may struggle to protect Tom Brady. Brady and that offense have some rust to shake off. Trent Edwards is a pretty good QB. The Bills no-huddle offense may pose some problems for teams this year. The Pats defense has some big time question marks. The officiating is a joke in this league.

Bad Officiating Watch, Week 1 – UPDATE

September 15, 2009


Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh – 2 horrible calls, Troy Polamalu is called for pass interference when he does nothing but stand his ground and looks back for the ball, Titans WR tries to run through Polamalu, grabbing at Polamalu’s jersey, the ref throws flag, should’ve been offensive pass interference. A defensive player is allowed his space, just as an offensive player is, horrible, horrible call.

Max Starks, Offensive Tackle for Pittsburgh is called for holding on Titans DE when does nothing but push the Titan player into the ground after the Titans player simply falls down after losing his balance.

Buffalo vs. New England – 2 horrible calls, Patriots NT Vince Wolfork is called for roughing the passer after tackling Trent Edwards by the legs as Edwards THROWS THE BALL. Not AFTER, but AS Edwards throws the ball. HORRIBLE CALL. What is a defensive player supposed to do in that situation, just give up on the play?? What a joke. Here’s a video below of the play in question. I hope Dick Butkus never sees this, he might have a heart attack.

Bills safety Donte Whitner is called for Spearing (15 yard penalty) when he hits a Pats WR that is clearly not down yet and clearly does not lead with helmet.

I’m sure I missed a bunch of other horrible calls from Week 1. If anyone knows of any other bad calls from Week 1,  let me know and I’ll post them!