Observations from the Pregame Shows for Sept. 13


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ESPN – NFL Sunday Countdown

New segment of show – “IBM Insight Center” hosted by Merrill Hoge from the Edge  NFL Matchup show, goes very in-depth statistically, good stuff. Unfortunately it’s like 1 minute long.

Mike Ditka – Does he look like a lot like Alf?

Cris Carter – Talking about the Seahawks turning it around because of Matt Hasselback. The Seahawks could make the playoffs this year but the top reason won’t be because of Hasselback playing this year. Seneca Wallace is just as good as Hasselback at this point in both their careers and showed it last season. Good job, Carter.

There’s a segment on new KC head coach, Todd Haley and how he’s taken away all the good parking spots from players from last year and given them to guys that earned it in preseason. I might have to take back my KC pick at #2 back. Ditka says after the segment, stupid is as stupid does. I turn the channel as fast as I can.

CBS – The NFL Today

Bill Cowher says both teams should get ball in OT because the way it is now favors the offensive side of teams. Uh, the team that receives the ball still has to go at least 40 or 50 yards on average to score. You don’t like that? Don’t have your team go to OT. It’s not even regulation at that point! All best are off!! This ain’t college ball!

Boomer Esiason no longer has a chin. His head basically looks like a giant pillow with eyes, nose, hair and a mouth.

Shannon Sharpe says something funny and everyone laughs. They must have a translator on the set because I couldn’t understand a word. I look at the clock and pray the games start right now. Oh dear God now Sharpe has put his legs up on the desk and he’s wearing shorts. Alright, this might be the worst pregame show.

Cowher brings up a good point regarding Eli Manning’s crazy new contract. Esiason says that with that new contract he’ll be expect to throw for 4,000 yards and over 30 TD’s (Yeah, that’s not happening!), Cowher replies that they are a running team. Exactly! So why was he given a 100 million dollar contract!? Crazy.

Cowher might unseast Esiason for smartest man on set. But that’s like saying MSNBC is a little less biased than FOX News, in the end we all lose.


Terry Bradshaw picks the Saints every year to win their divison. Makes sense.

Bradshaw is taking the Dolphins to win the division (??!!). I’m willing to bet that Bradshaw has not seen Miami play in probably 3 or 4 years.

Michael Strahan says Steelers didn’t look like the same team last year after ONE game against a tough Titans game and is taking the Ravens to win the division. I’m willing to bet that Strahan has seen Pittsburgh play…maybe never.

I’m beginning to realize that Jimmy “Devil’s Haircut” Johnson might be the only semi-intelligent person on this show.


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