Observations on the Pregame Shows Week 2

ESPN – Sunday NFL Countdown

What’s the deal with on field reporter Sal Paolantonio? He only reports on the Eagles, that’s ridiculous!

For some reason Tom Jackson is yelling about if the Eagles  can win in the long-term without McNabb, he doesn’t think so. Alf pretty much agrees. Someone says if they get 4 or 5 turnovers against the Saints they’ll win, isn’t that true of any NFL team? Wow, that’s some insight.

ESPN is doing some video music montage about Matt Sanchez. They should be embarrassed.

ESPN now has an “injury analyst”. Quit wasting my time ESPN!

They debate who will be missed more, Polamalu or Urlacher – Cris Carter says Troy is a “football player” and is “special”. Thanks for the info, Carter. Mike Ditka says it’s Urlacher and mumbles something about players “stepping up”. Insight doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

ESPN is reporting on Ochostinko’s twitter blog and how gay it is.

Keyshawn Johnson says Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton are chasing that 5,000 yards and Marino’s record. What the hell is this guy talking about?? I think the Saints are trying to win games, I seriously doubt Payton is sitting around thinking of ways to get Brees the passing yard record. At least I’d hope so for the sake of Saint’s fans. Maybe he thinks the NFL has been replaced by Fantasy Football.

Everyone on ESPN is taking the Jets to beat the Pats, outside of Boomer. Jackson says with Jared Mayo being out for the Pats, the Jets will run the ball with success, could be a good point.

CBS – The NFL Today

Shannon “Marble-Mouth” Sharpe is getting inducted into Denver’s Ring of Honor. Congrats, Sharpe! He was a great one. The good news is he won’t be on the set today.

Looks like CBS is still trying to stir up some Terrell Owens (non)news from last week about TO’s comment on QB Trent Edwards.

Esiason brings up a good point about injuries in the NFL and how it’d be ludicrous to extend the season by 2 more games, which Roger Turdell wants to do. It’d also ruin season stats from previous years. Think about the stats!

The set seems a lot less cluttered and better without Sharper on there.

The show tries to go to announcer Dan Dierdorf for some info on the Pats/Jets game but it looked like Dierdorf was choking on a chili hotdog and they had to cut away….alright now they’re back, Dierdorf is OK, Thank God.

I’ve just noticed that Phil Simms kinda looks like Boomer Esiason, neither has a chin and their respected heads both look like pillows.

Bill Cowher brings up a good point about the Steelers-Bears game and how with Troy Polamalu being out, SS Tryone Carter will have a hard time covering Bears TE Greg Olsen.

Esiason thinks the Eagles defense will create a bunch of TO’s against Brees and the Saints offense and win the game. Don’t know about that. Esiason uses Delhomme as an example, which doesn’t really make much sense given the fact that Delhomme threw up 4 or 5 INT’s in his previous game against a worse defense in the Cardinals. Marino and Cowher wonder how the Eagles will score enough points. I wonder if Dierdorf is really OK or not.

Marino breaks down some game film on Jay Cutler‘s INT’s. Good job, Marino, fairly insightful. Not all the INT’s were soley on Cutler, but 3 were, which can’t make.

CBS does a segment on who is the best comeback QB in the NFL. America shows how dumb they are on the online/text message poll by putting Big Ben third by a wide margin behind Manning and Brady. The question wasn’t who the best overall QB, but best comeback QB. Ben has the most comeback wins in the 4th quarter and OT since coming into the league. Marino picks Brady, Cowher, perhaps showing bias, takes Big Ben but brings up how he did it on the biggest stage in the SB. Picking Brady ahead of Ben, OK, Brady is clutch. Manning? That’s not his strength.

FOX – NFL on Fox

Jimmy Johnson says the pressure on the Cowboys is on Wade Phillips and that run defense. Good point. You gotta think Phillips is sort of on a hot seat this year, but who the hell knows with Jerry Jones at owner. This is the guy that forced out Jimmy Johnson and hired Barry Switzer to replace him. Johnson definitely speaks from experience.

Strahan forgets his notes and stumbles on the Cowboys/Giants, everyone laughs. I still don’t know what Strahan is doing on this show.

Jay Glazer reports on McNabb’s injury, it’s not looking good, Eagles fans. Apparently Glazer has his own show, yikes.

This NFL on Fox show is a real snooze-fest.

Jimmy says the Eagles will give up yards to the Saints between the 20’s but the key is to holdin them to FG’s and not TD’s. Interesting.

Howie Long says that Adrian Peterson is “Bo Jackson“. Big words, but Howie would know since he played with Jackson on the Raiders.

Johnson insinuates the LT might be faking his injury a little. The set goes crazy. He might be right, it’s a long season and LT has to save himself the rest of the season. He’s pretty old for a RB right now in his career.

Glazer reports that Panthers head coach John Fox has said that Jake Delhomme is “his guy”. Wes Welker is apparently out for the Pats, that could be huge, surprised no one is making a big deal out of that. The guy leads the NFL in receptions the last two years.

Now Fox is doing a segment with that lame comedian that started out doing John Madden impersonations. He’s now doing Jay Leno, it’s actually a pretty accurate impersonation. Still don’t know what the hell this is doing on an NFL pregame show.

Johnson says the Seahawks are the best team in their division. That’s like saying powdered sugar on a turd would taste better than just a regular turd.

Bradshaw then says he does the most preparation of anyone on the show, that’s probably the scariest thing I’ve heard all day.


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