Bobby’s Thoughts For The Week

I wish Jeff Fisher would grow back that sweet mullet he used to have. I think it could rub off on the Titans in a positive way.

It sure pisses me off when they go to a commercial break after a TD, then come back for the kick off only to go back to another commercial break after the play. That’s like 6 minutes of commercials for 1 minute of game time. Ridiculous.

I wish Jim Mora would come back to coaching. Too many boring coaches out there these days, the NFL needs some more characters on the sidelines.

Speaking of coaches, when Mike Nolan was still the head coach of the 49ers a couple years ago he occasionally dressed up in a suit and tie, looking classy and old school at the same time, and the NFL fined him for it!! Ridiculous.

I think it would be cool if the NFL set up a league for midgets and small people. I’d watch it. Call it the MFL or something.

NFL Network has to have the worst highlight show ever with Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders. It’s horrible. Beyond horrible. I think we can do a little better, NFL.

It seems like they show less replays in games these days. Instead it seems like the camera is always on some coach standing on the sidelines making the same face that he was making 30 seconds earlier when the camera was on him.

One time I woke up thinking it was Sunday only to realize it was only Thursday. I cried a little into my pillow.

Starting next week Footbally Fury will begin our very own Power Rankings, but for only the top 10 teams. There might also be a Bottom 5 as well.


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