Observations From the Pregame Shows, Week 4

ESPN – NFL Sunday Countdown

ESPN does a semi-interesting news story on the Redskins and why they suck. Of course it all goes back to Dan Snyder, one of the worst owners in the NFL. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, guys.

Tom Jackson points out that Denver has only given up 16 points in 3 games and he doesn’t care who the competition is, that’s impressive. Keyshawn Johnson counters that by pointing out they played JaMarcus Russell. Really that should discount one of Denver’s games from a defensive standpoint.

IBM Insight Center this week goes a little bit in-depth about the Steelers-Chargers game…For about a minute. Why isn’t this segment longer? It’s one of the only decent segments on this show. Merrill Hoge is one of the few in-depth and interesting guys on ESPN.

It goes back to the regular crew and they say a bunch of stupid stuff that the media has regurgitated for the last 10 years about how the Steelers need to go back to “Smashmouth Football”. No, actually the opposite, they need a new offensive coordinator and they need to throw it more in obvious run situations because they don’t have the O-line to run the ball down opponent’s throats.

Tom Jackson and Cris Carter actually do an interesting breakdown of the Jets-Saints game. Still not that in-depth but somewhat interesting.

Mike Ditka replies to the segment and I can’t understand a word.

I’m a little shocked, Sal Palantonio is actually covering a game that doesn’t involve the Eagles (are they playing this week? I think they are! It makes no sense). He’s interviewing John Harbaugh, coach of the Ravens, that man is a hell of a coach.


Charlie “Hitman” Casserly points out that the Bucs are so bad on the O-line that they need a more mobile QB than Byron Leftwich to avoid the pass rush so they’ve switched QB’s to a complete unknown guy. Wow, that’s a new one if true.

CBS talks about who has more pressure on them in the Vikings-Packers game, Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Dan Marino stole the words right out of my mouth “Yeah, it’s hard to turn around and hand the ball off” in a reference to Favre handing the ball of the Adrian Peterson.

CBS crew actually does a really good but short break down of the Jets-Saints game. Why can’t they do that with every game?


FOX does a story about TO getting a “raw deal” from the media…Hmmmm….That doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.

Jimmy Johnson brings up an interesting point about the Redskins and how they over spend for top talent and thus don’t have any other talented players on the team.

Talking about the Cowboys running game, Johnson notes at how big their O-line is. Strahan, who played them twice a year as a Giant, noted that he could never understand why they didn’t run the ball more. Now they are and they have the #1 running game in the NFL.

Now they’re showing Jay Glazer, it almost looks like his head has been inflated like a balloon.

Terry Bradshaw picks the Saints every week.

The Fox crew is doing their picks of the day and I swear that after watching their “banter” it has made me a little stupider.


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