Observations From the Pregame Shows, Week 7

ESPN Sunday Countdown
Thank God for Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Otherwise this show would be a snooze-fest. The duo do a very interesting story about what would’ve happened if Drew Brees ended up in Miami instead of New Orleans, which almost happened. Instead the Dolphins signed Daunte Culpepper (suckers!). I guess Bill Parcells would’ve ended up in Atlanta along with Miami’s coach and Pennington and Henne.

Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson do a segment called “Unbeaten Idol” where they sit at a desk and a horrifying Madden videogame version of Drew Brees walks out…I couldn’t watch anymore…I had to turn the channel.

Charlie “Hitman” Casserly talks about what a good deal the Jay Cutler contract extension was for both sides (yawn).

He then talks about Cedric Benson leaving the Bears and going to the Bengals (yawn).

Shannon Sharpe is holding up some sort of WWF belt during a segment. I turn the channel.

Boomer Esiason gives his top 10 QB’s so far this year according to his own criteria. It’s a complete joke. Eli Manning #3?? Did he watch last weeks game? Kyle Orton ahead of Tom Brady and Big Ben?? No Aaron Rodgers in the list?? Bill Cowher promptly rips his top ten list apart but still doesn’t do a good enough job as far as I’m concerned.

I turn on the Fox Show and they’re talking about giving away Ford Taurus’. OK.

Jay “Poppin’ Fresh” Glazer is talking about Tom Cable getting out of a fine for popping someone on his coaching. I guess Cable could’ve been fined $25,000 for bumping into a ref in some game this year.

Michael Strahan is talking about the Giants losing to the Raiders (??), the camera pans out and Jimmy Johnson looks like he’s about to kiss Strahan. I don’t know what the hell is going on here. Alright, FOX, you win worst Pregame show on TV.


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