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Bobby’s Thoughts For The Week

October 31, 2009

The Oregon Ducks have to have the ugliest uniforms I’ve ever seen.

Two hand touch or flag football? I’m going to have to go with two hand touch.

Tecmo Super Bowl is still the best football videogame ever made. Madden can’t touch that. Electric Football would be a close second except it’s not a videogame and those little bastards never run straight ahead.

Brats or nachos? I’m going to have to go with brats, but I’m surprised how close it was.

The Browns helmets are actually orange. Weird. I like it.

With the NFL focusing on the entertainment side of things and trying to getting more people to watch their product, it’s bizarre that they don’t allow a couple players celebrating a TD in the endzone. No Fun League indeed! What’s wrong with 4 WR’s congratulating each other in the endzone for 10 seconds??

If they ever made an Alf movie, Mike Ditka should play his dad.

That last season of Seinfeld sure was wacky.